Media Value Center Glossary


100% Media Valuation/Full Media Value (FMV): The calculation of the full value of the post if it were an advertisement on the social platform or within the broadcast.

Sponsor Media Value: The weighted calculation of the value the sponsor gets of the 100% media valuation as dictated by the MVP score.


Media Valuation Percentage (MVP): Compares a sponsors exposures’ quality relative to a fully branded exposure based on 6 factors (detailed below) that influence brand recall.


6 MVP Factors:

  1. Clarity: clarity of sponsor’s exposure, leading to recognizability
  2. Visibility: % of exposure in view 
  3. Prominence: MVP Score factor that weighs whether the sponsor is the main subject or in the background of a post.
  4. Size: MVP Score factor that weighs the size of a sponsor in relation to the size of the image or frame.
  5. Placement of Sponsor: MVP score factor that weighs the location of a sponsor within a post.
  6. Share of Voice: The number of sponsors visible within the same image or frame.


MVP Score: The discounted percentage of an exposure given all MVP factors.


Impressions: The total number of views for social images by social platform.  For Twitch we utilize the average concurrent viewership numbers.


Video Views: The total number of views for social videos by social platform.


Engagements: The total number of interactions a user has with a social media post. This includes: likes, comments, shares.


Rights Holder Placement: An asset (in-stadium, digital, jersey, etc) where a rights holder features a sponsor


Sponsor Placement: The association of a particular sponsor’s logo on a particular rights holder placement


Account Ownership: Who the owner of the post is in relation to the sponsor and location (i.e. Owned Media, Earned Media, Away Team, or Player)


Exposures: The number of times a sponsor appears in an image or video.


Duration:  The number of seconds a particular sponsor shows up in view in a video.


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